Multimedia Arts @ BCC



Video Editing IV

2 Units + 1 Unit Lab
Finishing techniques and distribution planning for a broadcast-ready video program: Refinement of editorial structure, pacing, visual style, sound design; advanced finishing techniques; developing a distribution plan and submission packet; broadcast and related output considerations; legal and permissions issues and ethics.  Course hours: 1.5 Lecture + 1.5 Laboratory. Acceptable for credit: CSU

Instructor: Ray
Thursday 9:30am – 12:15pm
MMART 150D [40943/4]
Room 227

Lab Co-requisite:
Instructor: Simpson, Bodkin
Monday 10:15am – 12:05pm
MMART 150LD [40952]
Room 227

Instructor: Simpson
Tuesday 1:30pm – 5:20pm
MMART 150LD [40949]
Room 227