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Join the Digital Arts Collective

We are an organization of artists connected to the multimedia arts department at Berkeley City College. We work together to offer members the opportunity to collaborate on projects including public exhibition, educational venues and Web exposure.

The Digital Art Club started in the advanced imaging class, which emphasizes large-format printmaking of gallery quality produced on Epson printers. Its membership continues to be diverse, from novices to accomplished artists, young and old. The club gives members a point of focus and a community where one can work on the cutting edge of new technology and develop the artistry of digital printing.

The club offers members the opportunity to collaborate on projects and exhibit their work in an effort to educate each other and the public about digital art production. It has expanded its range of exhibitions to include motion graphics, video, web art, animations, sound design, and other related disciplines.

The club is starting a permanent collection of digital artwork for Berkeley City College.

You can contact us at: [email protected]